How do I get to the central office?

1700 Sofia, zhk. Studentski Grad, bl.67B, ent.A, off.2 MMA Freight Ltd.

How much does it cost to send a small package?

Prices very greatly depending on witch destination do you need to send it, , the best way to obtain an estimate is to either contact the specialist, get a quote.

Can I speak by telephone directly with some of your specialists?

Our solutions design teams are globally aligned while in possession of local knowledge. They work closely with our customers to get in depth understand of your needs and finding the optimal solution addressing these needs.

Do you offer sea transportation ?

We can ship goods FCL/LCL in containers, and offer a wide selection of transportation options backed up by the latest information systems. We have experience and expertise in providing a wide variety of transportation options, including third country shipping.

Do you offer fine arts transport?

MMA Freight takes advantage of the experience and expertise it has built up over many years, while using the latest technology to ensure the safe, precision-oriented transportation of irreplaceable cultural items and works of art.

Can i pay as an individual without company?

We accept work with individuals payment by bank transfer

Is my item insured during transit??

Each of our transports and means of transport meet the requirements under the CMR convention to have valid CMR insurance, which is however limited.

What do I do if I need to cancel an shipment?

In order to cancel or reschedule an shipment you must call the MMA Freight during business hours or write us an email to cancel transportation. Please keep in mind that if a request is refused on the day of loading, you owe a penalty.

Do I need prior consultation?

Prior to each service your service provider will work with you through an in-depth consultation. 

How can I track shipment?

You can always ask us be phone or email to have position of your goods.

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